After a few hectic days of Oktoberfest I made my way to the expensive and beautiful Switzerland. After spending my whole daily budget on a two hour train ride, and seeing that a meal at Hungry Jacks costs about $15, I was a bit worried how I was going to survive for three days in […]

I arrived in Munich a bit exhausted from one too many overnight bus rides in Turkey and an early flight. I was a bit apprehensive about the festival where, by definition, you drink copious amounts of beer. But it turned out to be so much more than that. The first day we arrived we went […]

Although I was only in Turkey for about 10 days, (definitely not enough time to properly explore this fascinating country) I managed to get around to seeing the cave cities of Cappadocia, the hot springs of Pamukkale and the ancient Roman town of Ephesus. The landscape of Cappadocia is unlike anything I’ve seen before. Jagged, […]

We got into Turkey at about 2am in the morning, after waiting for two hours at the border crossing from Bulgaria. The bus had to go through a massive xray machine, but thankfully we weren’t asked to smuggle a bottle of alcohol each through the border as someone else experienced. Turkey has reasonably strict laws […]

In the quaint town of Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria there is a hostel that runs (not completely legal) day-trips out to Buzludzha, an abandoned Soviet building that resembles a massive concrete UFO. It was completed in 1981 and was only in use for a few years before communism fell. It has subsequently fallen into disrepair, […]

While I was in Serbia, the Basketball world cup finals were on, and it just so happened that Serbia was up against the US. After a day exploring Frusca Gora, the countryside surrounding Novi Sad, me and two German girls I was with went to a pub to watch the final. It was pretty close […]

I have a friend in Slovenia who I stayed with for a few days while I was there. They live 15 minutes out of the city centre by car, but it feels like you’re in the middle of the country. Slovenia is a tiny country, with only two million people and about 300,000 in the […]

For one week in Croatia, we enjoyed not really doing much on a sailboat, taking in the stunning scenery along the coast, and going for a daily swim in the crystal clear waters in secluded spots. It was a holiday from a holiday, a time to soak up the sun, eat a lot of good […]

I spent a couple of days in Albania after meeting up with my friends from home, Annika and Lachlan for some adventures along the mountainous coastline. Taking the ferry to Sarande in Albania we were stamped out of the EU and officially arrived in Eastern Europe. It didn’t seem too different until we asked our […]

I stayed in Granada for one month to learn Spanish, and it’s hard to describe how much I enjoyed the experience. The first day I arrived I was a bit apprehensive, as the first few other students I met seemed pretty fluent in Spanish already. I’d been trying to learn on the internet, using Duolingo, […]

One of the highlights of southern Spain for me was getting a chance to see flamenco performed in the region it originated in – Andalucia. A free flamenco show is performed every night at La Carboneria in Seville and the local bar with wooden benches was packed with people there for the performance. Flamenco usually […]

A few days after the relatively small wine festival in Haro we arrived in Pamplona for one of the biggest parties in Spain – Running of the Bulls. We were warned that while the streets seemed calm and clean when we arrived, the next day was going to be crazy. We went shopping for our […]

Every year for the past few centuries the residents of a small town in northern Spain called Haro have climbed to the top of a hill near their village and declared a wine war.┬áThis year me and my friend Annika joined in the festivities of being drenched to the bone with red wine. Although the […]

Muang Ngoi in Laos was one of those special places you sometimes stumble across while travelling. A tiny village on the Mekong River that only got electricity a year ago, this is the perfect place to relax and watch life go by. To get there you catch a bus and then a ferry which runs […]

I stayed in Luang Prabang for four days and ate a lot of baguettes and all you can eat buffets for $1.20. The town itself is a UNESCO world heritage site, and wandering around the tree-lined streets and alleyways you can see why – it’s a beautiful town. At night you can go and fill […]

From Thakhek in the middle of Laos it’s possible to do a motorcycle loop for three days to see some caves and amazing scenery. Because me and the girl I was with had never ridden motorbikes before we decided to do it by a combination of tuktuk, bus and local buses that are sort of […]

In Siem Reap I took a ridiculous amount of photos of the amazing ruins of the Angkor temples. It was incredibly hot and walking around the temples in the blistering heat was a bit of a challenge but definitely worth it. Here is a collection of some of the photos:

Apart from Phnom Penh, the majority of Cambodians live outside of major cities. It’s pretty easy to hire a bicycle or motorbike and go exploring to see what this is like in one of the rural centres. In Kampot I cycled out to a nearby monastery, down a red dirt road lined with green ferns […]

Koh Rong is a pretty magical place, an underdeveloped, pristine island where there’s limited electricity and in low season, you can practically have one of the white beaches to yourself. I was staying at one of the more fancy bungalows, Monkey Island, with two other girls, which, at $6 a night was a pretty good […]

On May 7, Thailand removed their prime minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, from office after she was accused of promoting a general so her family member could get the job. A few days later I flew into Bangkok after days of massive protests. When we walked down the street where the protests had been going on there […]

For three weeks while I was in Kathmandu I was staying in Kalanki, one of the outer suburbs of Kathmandu. Because there’s not much to see there, no one apart from the people that live here really go there. Days in Nepal start early and finish early, partly due to the power outages. In dry […]

I spent a month in Kathmandu doing an internship at a newspaper, which meant catching the local buses every day. This was an interesting experience. To hail a bus, you have to wait for it to hurtle past, and yell out your destination to the bus boy hanging out the sliding door. There’s no bus […]

After volunteering, I did a five day trek in the Annapurna range, the second largest mountain range in Nepal. I had done zero training, but this turned out to not be a problem. On the Annapurna circuit a lot of people get trekking guides, although if you’re going with someone it’s pretty hard to get […]

After the first few days at the monastery I quickly slipped into a routine. This involved being woken up at 6am every morning to the gong announcing the start of puja. The monks do puja every morning, reciting the prayer books they’ve memorised for about an hour. On Sundays, or on special occasions, it can […]

We were staying a bit out of town at the monastery, which have us a chance to explore the local food joints away from all the touristy places, and to taste the best momos in Nepal! According to Tenzin, our philosophy teacher at the monastery, the best momos are in Hari Chowk, conveniently a 10 […]

Most people stay in Lakeside when they visit Pokhara, but there are some great places to explore outside of the touristy centre. World peace pagoda You can hire a boat for a day and paddle over to the other side of the lake to climb up to the Peace Pagoda. The lake is really beautiful, […]

On my first day teaching at the monastery I was assigned class five. When I told the other volunteers this you could see the fear in their eyes. “Oh no, not class five?” Class five turned out to be only five students, aged 13-15 although they looked about 10, and one who was 19. I […]

Chitwan National Park was set up in 1973 after being used as a hunting ground for decades. The elephant park in Chitwan made no effort to hide that it was basically a breeding ground to sell elephants to tourist operators. The elephants get to walk around during the day, but are tied up in the […]

From ravening down rapids in a blow-up raft to nearly capsizing in a tiny canoe into crocodile infested waters, the three days from Kathmandu to Pokhara have been very action-packed. Ryan, another volunteer with RCDP, and I arrived at the rafting place after a slow drive along Nepal’s precarious roads. We got a quick crash […]

Nepal’s capital city has a surprising amount of pollution, (it’s the second worst polluted city in the world) but if you venture slightly out of the centre of the city, there are some really nice places to see. Kathmandu Durbar Square The main square in Kathmandu is a bustle of market stalls and impressive pagodas. […]

For the four days we were in Goa we pretty much did nothing but drink cocktails, laze by the beach and go for the occasional swim. It was pretty wonderful, especially after how fast we were moving on the tour. I also finally got sick, so having the time to do nothing and try and […]

From all the pictures I’ve seen of Holi, I thought it was a light-hearted bit of fun, where everyone throws coloured powder and generally has a good time. When we did our own holi festival, two weeks before the real thing, this was not the case. It was war. Our tour leader suggested the idea […]

This seventh wonder of the world is actually truly amazing. Seeing the Taj Mahal was one of the things I was most looking forward to on this trip, and it did not disappoint. Our tour guide gave us the option of leaving at 5.30 in the morning to be the first ones in line to […]

Pushkar is one of the holiest cities in India, yet it still has a small town feel, and doesn’t seem overrun with people. As one of the only places in the world with a Brahma temple, it is a city many hindus take pilgrimages to. It is also home to what seems like a large […]

Udaipur is one of the most beautiful cities in India, so it’s no wonder it’s also a city overrun by weddings. We were there in February, apparently wedding season, and more than once we got held up in the street due to a wedding procession. We also saw the lake hotel and the city palace […]

Three days later and my bum is still sore from our desert camel ride but it was definitely worth it to be able to sleep under the stars, and roll down the sand dunes. After a 45 minute drive out from Jaisalmer, we got the chance to choose our camels. Unfortunately, the camel behind me […]

Every year, Jaisalmer hosts the Desert Festival, and we were lucky enough to catch the start of the festivities on our stay. We’d heard about the Mr Desert competition from our local guide, whose uncle had won the 2013 title. The competition is taken very seriously, with the winner chosen on the size and grandeur […]