Travel Inspiration – RTW Packing Lists

In planning a 12 month trip, a lot of thought goes into what to take, and maybe more importantly, what not to take. I’ve been trawling long-term travellers’ packing lists to get an idea of the essentials, and tips on how to pack your life into a backpack. Below is a list of round-the-world packing lists, most with pictures, that I will be using when the time comes to actually pack and leave on my trip.

by lyzadanger

A Little Adrift: a solo female traveller’s comprehensive list of what she took on her round the world trip. I really like this list because her destinations are similar to mine, it includes links to some of the items, and it has given me ideas on things I might need to get to make the trip easier. Also includes tips on what you might need to bring

Half the Clothes: a solo female travellers list of what to take (and what she took and currently doesn’t need) complete with cost-saving tips that will prevent you from breaking the bank before you leave.

Take your big trip: a veteran solo female’s packing list, with the total weight as well. Because she has travelled before the list comes with well learnt lessons (you can pack too many books!)

Malena RTW: solo female traveller’s packing list with annotated flickr pictures. She listed her bag weight as well, which I find really useful

Her Packing List: all season female packing list. This website is great, especially when looking for specific destination packing lists

bootsnall: anyone planning a RTW will probably come across this website eventually, a great resource for all things travel. Includes a discussion on whether you will need certain items.

Our Big Fat Travel Adventure: a couple’s packing list with really clear pictures of items, and a comprehensive first aid kit list

earth2eartha: solo female traveller’s list complete with knee high boots! Lots of pictures.

Spartan traveller: Coming in at under 10kg, this male packing list is pretty impressive. Also has links to most of his gear.

rtwflyers: a packing list from a couple who have only just set out on their trip. Interesting to see what they keep and what they shed along the way.

Are you currently planning a round the world trip? Do you have a packing list?


  1. Thanks for listing us as a resource, Grace! 🙂

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